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Self-Priming Single and Multistage Pumps


For the handling of fresh water, sea water, oils, brines, lyes, condensates etc. without any abrasive particles, and not chemically attacking the construction materials of the pumps. In the shipbuilding industry as fire extinguishing-, bilg and ballast pump. For irrigation, cooling-water circuits, water supply from own wells.

Self-Priming Single Multistage Pump


single or multistage centrifugal pump, radially split, horizontal. Conveying of gas by means of built-in priming impeller, or with integrated jet pump.


Suction socket

  • upwards pointed. For priming operation it must be granted that the pump is filled with liquid.

Discharge socket

  • upwards pointed.


  • -25°C upt to +90°C

Capacity range

  • max. 500 m³/h

Delivery head

  • max. 200 m

Shaft Sealing

  • stuffing box, mechanical seal


  • Casing: cast iron, bronze, bronze-plated

  • Impeller: cast iron, bronze

  • shaft: chrome steel, chromenickel steel

  • Air-impeller: bronze


  • electric motor B3, diesel engine

Power transmission

  • flexible coupling, v-belt