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Compressed Air-driven Diaphragm Pumps


On board of vessels as stripping pump, in civil engineering for emptying tanks, water accumulation, pits and cable trenches

Compressed air-driven diaphragm pump

Benefits at a glance

  • gentle conveyance of liquid or viscous products

  • ideal for abrasive, viscous and shear sensitive media

  • can handle media with entrained solids

  • tolerant of dry running

  • no dynamic or pressure loaded seals

  • mobile, easy-to-transport units

  • infinite regulation of pumping capacity

  • dry self-priming

  • can run against closed valves

  • compressed air control, oil free

  • submersible designs

  • suitable for use in explosive and hazardous areas


  • Self-priming vertical portable pump for compressed air -drive


  • Housing:
    aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel 316L, polypropylene, PVDF, PTFE

  • Valve seat, valve ball, diaphragm:
    NRS, EPDM, Viton, EPDM-grey, Nitrile, PTFE


  • female thread, flange, quick-coupling


  • 0,1 - 40m3/h

Total head

  • max. 7 bar

Compressed air-driven diaphragm pump

Suction lift

  • up to 8,5 m


  • up to 18 mm2/s

Compressed air-driven diaphragm pump