An extinguishing system is a constantly operational technical system that extinguishes a fire with water.

These are available in stationary or mobile versions.

Stationary fire extinguishing systems must always be equipped with a piping system that is strictly separated from the drinking water.

In addition, constant pressure is required. For this we use systems and modules that are tailored to the entire system down to the smallest detail.

To control the system, we use a simple principle that has been thought through based on decades of experience: intuition and functionality that ensure immediate, easy operation of the system.

Through the targeted installation of standardized branded products as components of the system and its control, it can be easily maintained and, if necessary, repaired worldwide.

Our fire extinguishing systems are used as stationary systems in buildings and in ports, while our mobile devices can be used even under the most extreme conditions, e.g. B. be used on oil production platforms and as emergency units.

Our services:

  • Design, planning and new installation
  • Stationary, mobile
  • Self/non-self-priming
  • Single or multiple pump stations
  • Maintenance
  • Repair