Consulting & engineering services

We offer consulting services unmatched in the industry. While other pump suppliers, even the market leaders (measured in terms of sales volume or quantity), only plan and act within the limits of their own range when finding solutions for their customers, we rely on our many years of experience in developing our customer-specific, manufacturer-independent solutions.

Consulting Services

From the choice of the ideal pump (with and without a motor), to the pump in a special design and the task-oriented unit to the extensive pump station consisting of several pumps, especially in connection with problem-specific special requirements for the system to be developed, our consulting services include:

  • General advice for challenges in the special area of pumps

  • Problem analysis

  • Finding a solution

  • Presentation with pros & cons

  • Decision making

  • Price negotiations and selection of all components

  • Design and construction of the solution

  • Manufacture of the final product

  • Testing, verification and acceptance by classification societies

  • Installation

Our in-depth knowledge of the heart of the solution - the pump - enables us to build the most sophisticated stations and aggregates for all liquid handling purposes. Therefore, we are confident that we can offer the most suitable solution for your specific needs - anywhere in the world.

Contact us now and benefit from our more than 50 years of experience!