About Us

The Global Leader in the Pumps.

On January 1st, 1920, Mr. C. Friedrich Nienst├Ądt founded his wholesale business for plumbers and electrical engineers. He led his company through very turbulent times. Between 1920 and 1969 he stirred his ship through rough waters: From inflation to recession, from war to deflation probably through the greatest challenges a company might face.

Nevertheless, the product range expanded in these years. Thus, under the leadership of Mr. Hans Nienst├Ądt, the pump department was established. The pumps were mainly sold to ship building industry, as well as to a large variety of markets all over the world.

2013 the pump department merged with VN-Pumpen to forge an even stronger unit.

The focus and center of our services and activities is our customer. Their ideas and wishes are considered to fulfill their needs and meet all requirements.

Our flexibility enables us to design, engineer and manufacture cost effective and attractive tailor-made solutions.

In addition to our specialized engineering department, we offer a comprehensive spare part service for our own units and nearly all other pump manufacturers. We complete our delivery program by numerous accessories such as measurement instruments, valves and many more.